About us

Welcome to The Wednesday

The Wednesday magazine is a platform for different voices and is conversational in nature.

The Wednesday group is a group of friends who used to meet in Oxford UK every Wednesday afternoon from 16.00 to 18.00 in the Opera Café to exchange ideas and discuss philosophy, art and poetry. They produce a magazine which reflects their discussions but also introduces work from friends and readers who wish to contribute from afar. It reflects their friendship and journeying together in the world of ideas.

Due to covid restrictions sadly the group can no longer meet in person however they have been continuing to meet virtually via zoom at the same time each Wednesday, which has allowed new people from around the world to participate in these interesting debates.

Whilst we would love to return to the Opera Café this will not be possible if we are to keep this forum open to those from outside of Oxford.

We thank the Opera Café for their help and use of their facilities and encourage any readers visiting Oxford to ensure that they pay the Opera Cafe on Walton Street a visit.


The Wednesday magazine is published on the first Wednesday of each month.

New contributions of articles, art or poetry are always welcomed and should be sent to the Editor. 


Dr Rahim Hassan
The Editor